Effortlessly create
Machine Learning

Classroom saves you time and effort by hosting your assignments as AIcrowd Challenges making them exciting and easy to organize.

• Select from a pool of 25+ problems or create your own with diverse templates.
• Launch in under 10 clicks.
• Used by top ML professors from around the world.

Why Classroom ?

AIcrowd Classrooms is built by students and TAs in collaboration with professors. We make assignments an efficient and engaging experience.

Readymade assignments

200+ pre-sourced real-world ML problems for you to select and replicate. Alternatively, use our templates to tailor new problem statements.

Robust Platform

AIcrowd clusters deal with all problem-related computations, making the whole process a breeze for you. We’re experts at this.

Easy Onboarding

Just float the assignment URL, and students can sign up using their institute emails Students just have to upload CSV files and their solutions are graded and they get feedback instantly.

Seamless Grading

Download all scores in a clean CSV format and easily grade them. You can also download all code submissions with a single click.

Performance Insights

A powerful dashboard to see the submission trends and all student activity on the assignment.

Competition and Collaboration

The Leaderboard scores motivate students to improve their solutions to get to the top. The Forum serves as a central platform for all assignment-related troubleshooting, clarifications and discussions.

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